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Welcome to - one of the world's leading sites for free slots games. It doesn't matter if you're in the UK or anywhere else in the world; you can play our free games for as long as you want with no obligation and no requirement for you to give us any personal information or your email address.

All of the games on this site are of a high quality and all of them have detailed reviews to help you understand how to play them. We have both 3 and 5 reel slots games and different games have different features such as bonus rounds, free spins and "Gamble" which allows you to play a simple card game.

Navigating This Website

The layout of this website is very simple. The menu on the left is all of the 3 reel slots games on the site. The menu on the right is all the 5 reel slots games that we have. It is worth taking the time to try out different games and decide which is your favourite - the games are free after all.

A Few Suggestions

Here are five games that I believe are very entertaining to play and that's either because of the bonus rounds that are available or because of the free spins that are up for grabs. By the way, when I say free spins, I mean spins that don't cost you any of your "Play Money" balance. As I've already said, all the games on this site are completely free.

All of these are 5 reel games and all of them are more complicated to play than the 3 reel games. If you would prefer games that are easier to play than the ones below then you can try any of the games listed in the menu to the left as all of them are 3 reels and they are very easy to understand and play.

#1 Monty Python's Spamalot Slot

The name of this game is quite a mouthful but it's a really enjoyable game to play and I say that based on the bonus rounds alone. It's based on the 1975 movie - Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

In total there are five bonus rounds, four of them are on a rotating circle, the fifth is sometimes played at the end of the free spins feature depending on which symbols you get throughout the duration of the free spins.

Play Monty Python's Spamalot Slot

#2 King Kong Slot

This is based on the 2003 King Kong film. There are two bonus rounds to play and each time you complete one of the bonuses, you switch to a different game mode which has different graphics.

Throughout playing the game, you will see various clips from the film (I think it's a fantastic film) and there are free spins up for grabs as well.

Play King Kong Slot

#3 Blade Slot

This game is based on the 1998 action film, Blade. This is the only game on this site that has a "Split" symbol and this allows you to split symbols and get 6 of a kind even though this a 5 reel game.

There's also a free spins feature which has an increasing multiplier for every win you get during the free spins. The free spins also have an additional Wild symbol.

Play Blade Slot

#4 Fantastic Four Slot

This is one of several games on this site based on a comic from Marvel. Of all the games on this site, this one has the best free spins feature.

You start out by getting 12 free spins but there are four different features (one for each member of the Fantastic Four) and there are additional free spins and multipliers to be won.

Play Fantastic Four Slot

#5 The Incredible Hulk Slot

The Incredible Hulk is one of the best known characters in the World and it's another character from Marvel. This game has a bonus round that involves playing as the Hulk and smashing cars and a Helicopter.

On top of that there are free spins up for grabs with a multiplier attached and there are 50 different betting lines to entertain yourself with.

Play The Incredible Hulk Slot

As pointed out higher up, these games are featured on the home page based on the features in the games because that is what a lot of people enjoy. However, slots games with features aren't for everyone, especially if you're new to playing free slots because the various features and symbols can be overwhelming at first.

I said this higher up but I shall say it again, the slots games listed in the left hand navigation bar are all a lot easier to play then the games above because all of them have just 3 reels and most of them don't have any bonuses, free spins or Wild and Scatter symbols to confuse you.